Close The Gate

Years of toil and worry are over.
Now lie and rest your head.
Put your tools away now Granddaddy,
Your family has been fed.

A fine family you’ve raised,
And a fine harvest too.
The Son you always followed,
And the Lord carried you.

You taught us how to love,
How to laugh, and how to work.
Now go rest high above,
And we’ll keep turning the dirt.

The rows have all been plowed.
The seeds have all been sewn.
All your labors in this world are over,
Those hard days you’ve always known.

It’s time to head up to the house,
Wash up and break the bread.
Kiss Ma and fold your hands now,
And park your tractor in the shed.

Your memories we’ll carry,
As our reunion we await.
We’ll keep it in the middle,
And remember to close the gate.

Rest easy Granddaddy. We love you.

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