Christmas Eve 2018. I sit alone in my living room sometime after midnight, listening to acoustic renditions of holiday music, waiting for Santa, and recalling countless memories of Christmas as a child. I remember the anticipation, the nervousness and the excitement. I remember the sights, the smells and the sounds. I remember the happiness, the warmth and the love. I remember traveling to Potters Hill, Deep Run, Beulaville, Raleigh and Jacksonville to visit with family, and the food that was prepared with so much love by my grandmothers and other family members. I remember playing with my brother and friends in the yards of neighbors, running around the farm with my cousins, and wrestling in the floor with Granddaddy Martin. I remember my mom and dad decorating our home, filling it with love, and always doing everything they could to make the season wonderful for us. I remember the magic.

I remember, and I want my children to as well.

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